Utility token

Zentrix has developed Utility Token for Proctorio company. Blockchain-based infrastructure with Smart Contracts and Oracles is developed to enable users to earn tokens in return for providing images.


Token as reward is issued to their crypto wallet. The user can allow or revoke access on a wallet address level to all data provided. 


The token is currently pegged to a USDT. Eventually, the own stablecoin cryptocurrency is going the be available and the token will be exchanged for the stablecoin. 


Utility token


Utility token for incentivising data sharing for AI

This project provides Polygon based implementation written in Solidity wrapped up with Ether.js to allow interaction of Blockchain with the Web application. Web application in this case is a web service for providing user images with a consent for sharing image features in order to receive a token reward. User access web page where is promoted to provide a blockchain wallet public address. 

The process of allowing, revoking access, and rewards is anonymous (user just needs a wallet address). The Blockchain uses Smart Contracts created and minted to perform different operations on the Polygon (Ethereum Layer 2 Blockchain) and ensure that the consent and revoking is done according to the GDPR.


A well-designed tokenomics model is essential for the success of any utility token. Our team of experts will work with you to define and create a comprehensive tokenomics model that aligns with your business goals and drives user adoption.  

Total Supply 1M
  • User Rewards: 50%
  • Reserve Fund: 20%
  • Staking Reward 15%
  • Company Operations: 10%
  • Community Development: 5%


Token Sale

We support the token sale

We define your way to nurture your token beyond development. 

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  • Starting Price
General description

AI Utility token

token sale stages

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Private sale
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state 3


Public sale
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startegy & project plan

Q3 2022

Analysis and specification

Meetings and brainstorming to analyse and specify development and draft the architecture. 

Q4 2022

Proof of concept development

Creating proof of concept smart contracts that works on the Ethereum testnet. PoC will show how the AI models are minted, and how the payment is invoked using smart contracts to send payments to wallet addresses that own that image-id(s).  

Q4 2022


Creating Ether.js functions that can be invoked using API defined in the smart contracts. Metamask integration with the web application. Develop Oracles to enable smart contracts to retrieve off-chain data from the API call. 

Q1 2023

Stablecoin integration

Smart contract extension to support Stablecoin (USDT/ or any other which uses compatible ERC-20 standard). Development of collateral token linking to stablecoin. 

Q1 2023

Tokenomics definition

Token/coin ownership and vesting schedules, breakdown between the amount of tokens held by members of the Project team, third-party service providers, private purchasers, entities (including non-profit organizations).

Q2 2023

Token Sale and Marketing

Targeted marketing strategy. Reliable solution for token sale and promotion. Allocation or distribution of tokens/coins for the purpose of developing or expanding the token/coin ecosystem if necessary. Token Cap The maximum number of tokens that can be generated is predefined. This ensures token buyers that the tokens are available in a limited quantity.

Q4 2023

Cryptocurrency Exchange listing

Filling application form, drafting Whitepaper, creating Project Website, defining Project name/ coin name/ coin logo, Registered company, Binance NDA, Legal opinion documents advising or stating that the token/coin is not a security or otherwise a regulated product or instrument under applicable laws. Quarterly project roadmap (i.e., technology and commercial development) with relevant milestones for the next 4-6 quarters

Q1 2025

Extended Support

We created a living project that we support beyond the development. We are there for you by all means!