DIG_IT project

Raw European material extraction industry monitoring 



Zentrix provides data traceability, decentralised identities based on Distributed Ledger Technology for the data collected during extraction of raw materials from the mines. Data are written in the IOTA Tangle.



Mediterranean Sea basin lighthouse – Actions to prevent, minimise and remediate chemical pollution


Zentrix will tackle monitoring of the pollutant in the Mediterranean Sea, and traceability of the data coming from sensors deployed in critical industrial areas (agriculture, #pharma, #waste #water #treatment #plants) in Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Tunisia).

Our company will provide the traceability of the information from monitoring instruments and tampered-proof pollution data about oil, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceutical micropollutants, will be ensured by writing information in the #blockchain

Confidential computing


Confidential Computing and Privacy-preserving Technologies for 6G – Automotive use case



In this project we

Secure OTA updates to patch a vulnerability thanks to the secured update mechanisms supported by the blockchain;
Increase in the trustworthiness of the vehicle’s digital identity with the usage of hardware security modules to embed on-chip identities.